1/2 Nutrition Consult + 1/2 Tui Na Massage


Plant Based Nutrition is the key to optimum health and health maintenance. If all your diet is plant based or even part of it is plant based, you will receive the benefit of increased energy, better health and weight management. Everyone is different so that requires personal attention. Coupled with Tui Na massage, it is a very effective treatment.

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Food Consult 1/2 Hour – Based upon the 3Rs – Remove, Replace and Revitalize + Massage Therapy (Tui Na) 1/2 Hour

Food Consultations usually take  1 hour for the first consult and 1/2 hour after that for follow-up. Followup treatments along with 1/2 hour tui na is a very effective and helpful treatment.

The goal of the food consult is to nourish the body with nourishing foods and allow the body to do what it does best, heal itself and maintain this incredible machine we call our human body.

Before the first session, the client submits a food log or journal of 1 week of meals to give a better understanding of what to work on.


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