On-Site Training and Certification

Class Details and Summary – Two Day Class

DAY 1:

Level 1 Anatomy

  • Anatomy – Slide Presentation: Basic Anatomy and Physiology as it applies directly to all modalities of the Tam Healing System
    • Tong Ren
    • Tuina
    • Acupuncture
  • Philosophy: Tam Healing System Theory and Philosophy – Opening Blockages – Accessing
    • The Central Nervous System
    • Immune System
    • Endocrine System
    • Circulatory and Vasculatory System

Level 2 – Tong Ren Distance Healing

  • Tong Ren: Distance Healing and Group Healing Classes:
    • All participants get treatments and observe group healing
    • Tong Ren Distance – Starting To Treat Others or Healing Private Practice:
      •  1 on 1 Treatments over the phone
      • Technologies available
      • Business advice and tip
      • Dao Yin Qigong Healing Exercise

      Day 1 Investment USD$150 Level add-to-cart


DAY 2:

Level 3 – Tui Na Medical Massage Therapy

  • Tuina – Asian Bodywork:
    • Hands on Practice for Tam Healing System Bodywork Hand Techniques
    • All participants give and receive complete treatments
    • Lots of practice
  • The Tom Tam Tuina Form:
    • Simple specialized bodywork form developed explicitly for accessing Tam Healing System points
    • Medical Massage Therapy Tui Na Form
    • Including Supine Positions and Face Up Positions
  • Dao Yin Qigong Healing Exercise

Investment USD$300 Day 1 and 2 – Level 1, 2 and 3add-to-cart
                                                                                                                                                  Investment USD$500 2 Days – Level 1, 2 and 3 for Couples add-to-cart














Joseph Lucier LMT AOBTA NANP

Joseph Lucier is a Tongren Practitioner. As a practitioner, he helps many people heal. He also empowers people to take charge of their lives and health. Tong Ren Healing, developed by Tom Tam, is an advanced healing system which is used for many ailments including chronic diseases like cancer, arthritis, auto-immune diseases, Parkinson’s, diabetes, leukemia and many more. And, as an additional optional healing modality, Joseph is also a vegan nutrition consultant