About Joseph Lucier AOBTA


  • Phone: 617-276-5603 USA
  • Skype: TongRenHealer
  • Email: joe@TongRenHealer.com

Tam Healing System Practitioner and Educator

Healing Services



  • Tam Healing System – Illustrated Anatomy – Healing Philosophy and Point Location
  • Tam Healing System – Illustrated Anatomy – Cancer Strategies and Point Location (Summer 2016 for upcoming release)
  • The Science of Common Sense Nutrition – 1,000 Choices for Healthful Living (Summer 2013)
  • The Wisdom of Common Sense Nutrition – 1,000 Choices for Compassionate Living (Winter 2013)
  • The Legacy of Common Sense Nutrition – A Vegan and Vegetarian History through the Ages (Winter 2013)
  • Avocado Joy – Healthy Living Cookbook (Summer 2015)


Background and Training

Joseph Lucier is a long time student of Asia, having a degree in Chinese Studies from Boston College, Boston Massachusetts, and he also lived in Asia for over 15 years. While there he followed his passion for Asia and in particular, his passion for Chinese Art, Chinese Language, Chinese Philosophy, The Dao, Buddhism, Healing Arts and Martial Arts.

Tong Ren Therapy Training
After returning to the United States, Joe studied software engineering at the University of Massachusetts and Clark University, while still maintaining a focus on Asian Martial Arts, Healing Arts and philosophies. He studied martial Arts under different masters and after meeting Master Tom Tam, a Taiji Quan Master as well as Healer, Acupuncturist, Teacher and Author, he committed and focused his studies with him.

Inspired by Master Tam’s healing approach, by his highly successful healing system, and self-less devotion to helping people, Joe embraced the healing arts and became a student of Tom Tam.

Professional Tom Tam Healing system Training

  • Tam Healing System Apprenticeship, Chinatown, Boston MA
  • Tam Healing System, Haverhill and Quincy MA
  • Tong Ren Therapy, Quincy MA

He took all his classes, studied his techniques and healing approaches, and eventually apprenticed in his Chinatown Clinic for over 3 years. He also began his own part-time practice and eventually developed his full-time practice.

Licensed Tuina & Acupressure Medical Massage Therapist
In order to compliment Tom Tam’s system and to have an understanding of the philosophy of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Joe is a member of AOBTA (American Organization for Body Therapies of Asia) and did formal training at the following:

Training and Licensing (Licensed Massage Therapist LMT)

  • Acupressure Therapy Institute, Quincy MA
  • The Charles River School of Shiatsu, Cambridge MA
  • The Boston Bodyworks School, Cambridge MA

Certified Vegan Chef and Instructor
Vegan Nutrition Consultant and Herbalist

As an additional optional compliment to his Tong Ren Healing, Joe also offers food consultation. He personally maintains a 100% live food vegan diet of fresh whole foods.

Live Food is basically whole foods and lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. They contain an abundance of Qi (life force) and retain more vital enzymes and nutrition than processed and over-heated foods. It is extremely beneficial for people transitioning through a healing crisis when people need to maximize their nutrition and healing potential as much as possible throughout the process. It is also a great tool to help people maintain optimal health.

For on-going health maintenance as well as getting through a healing crisis, it is important to allow the body to do its job. The body is in a constant and aggressive state of healing and rebuilding. The key is not to interfere with those processes by having poor nutrition which take up valuable resources and does not supply the body with the necessary vital nutrients to functional optimally.

To share this knowledge, he offers Vegan Nutrition Consultations to his clients when requested, and he also gives vegan live food seminars, food preparation demos and food consultations, relying on his Live Food training by the following:

  • Alissa Cohen, Chef and Instructor Certification Training, Laguna Beach CA
  • Alissa Cohen, Live Food Skills Training, Deerfield Beach FL
  • Cherie Soria, Living Light Culinary Arts Institute – Live Food Gourmet Chef Training, Fort Bragg, CA
  • Sandor Ellix Katz – Wild Fermentation, Fermentation for Healing and Nutrition. Ashville NC
  • Boston School of Herbal Studies, 9 Month Apprenticeship Program, Arlington MA
  • Chad Sarno, Live Food Skills Training, Kittery ME and Sandwich MA
  • Gabriel Cousens Tree Of Life Foundation, Live Food Vegan Nutrition Certification 3 Month Apprenticeship Intensive, Patagonia, AZ
  • Brenda Cobb, Living Foods Institute – Anne Wigmore Healing System, Atlanta GA

For more info on Live Food, see his website Live Food Cuisine Website